Authentic :The Path To High Quality  Olive Goods 

Authenticity is the fundamental  principle on which  our concept is based. Olive goods’ authenticity is about the production of pure natural food. We work with the land, with olive trees and nature and we provide the consumer with the fruit of our effort which is the reward for cultivating and protecting olive landscape balance. Our main priority is to receive & manage with integrity the natural presents with which the olive tree rewards our hard work. This is precisely what we do and this is exactly what we offer to human society.

We aim to provide people with original and pure natural goods which we also use for our own daily nourishment needs based on the Mediterranean philosophy. For this reason during different phases of EVOO production (cultivation, harvesting, olive oil extraction, transportation and storage, bottling) we collaborate strictly with certified partners who share with us a common passion for the best EVOO. All relevant certifications’ info is uploaded in the products section and is available for any confirmation.

All EVOO brands are produced in different batches and each one is certified by an extensive laboratory analysis (Chemical, Sensory, Phenols). Any additional analysis is available upon request.

We concentrate on the production of the following olive goods:

Princeps & Nobilis

Are a tribute to all generations, past and present,
that have shaped the local olive growing tradition under extremely difficult
conditions in this slopey, hill side predominant, semi-mountainous region.

Olea Erus products are the result of many decades of efforts and research to produce the best olive goods quality, working systematically with the indigenous Olea Sylvestris  and the newest local Pteleos Olea variety. We believe that these two first branded products, Princeps & Nobilis, have rewarded our efforts as they constitute the best representatives of local olive growing.