EVOO Description 

Olea Erus / Nobilis Traditional

Nobilis Traditional is a well-balanced Medium Flavor EVOO. It comes from half green-half black olive fruit from the Pteleos Olea trees and was collected in October 2018. It has a golden-green color ,velvety texture, sweet fruity  flavor and freshly cut olives aroma.

It is the representative of many centuries of local olive growing culture and history in the challenging effort to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the steep semi-mountainous seaside region of the Pteleos Olive Land.

Nobils Traditional  EVOO Is Sold Out For the Harvest Period 2018 the produced quantity was 1500 liters and was available in 500 ml bottles. It will be available again after the next Harvest in October 2019.

Semi Matured Stage

Half Green – Half red to black olive fruit

Chemical Analysis Acidity= 0.3, K232=1.810, K268=0.103, DK=0.000, Peroxides=5.5

Organoleptic Repot : Balanced Aroma & Tastelight green color, velvety texture, ,sweet fruity  flavor and freshly cut olives aroma with very light bitter and peppery notes. Defects:0.0, Fruitiness:4 , Bitter=1.9, Punget=3.2

Olive Variety

Is produced solely from Pteleos Olea Variety Which Is Based On Olea Sylvestris.

Cold Press Extraction

This product is Cold Press extracted in the Voliotis Family Olive Mill / Ano Lechonia, Magnesia at 270C. The olive mill is ISO 9001 (HACCP) ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 22000/2005 certified.

Hand Picked Selective Olive Fruit

This product is  produced from 60% green and 40% black olives collected strictly by hands, placed in certified food boxes and transferred to the olive mill for pressing on the same day.

Packaging:EVOO Protection With Biophotonic  Bottles 

Directly after pressing, the EVOO is placed into INOX tanks and bottled in MIRON non-refillable Biophotonic Violet bottles which protect the product from sunlight’s negative effects on EVOO , protecting important ingredients, naturalness, potency, taste, storage life and other important parameters that achieve compliance with the highest quality criteria.

Standardization & Bottling

The Standardization and Bottling process takes place in the Voliotis Family’s certified Mill in Anno Lechonia – Magnesia Prefecture  according to international standards. The mill’s Standardization & Bottling Code is EL 40 462.


This product is produced from olive fruits that have been picked from Olive groves with the following codes:

1.Estate E5:East  Side Position

2.Estate E3: East  Side Position 

3.Estate SE1:South East Position

Picking & Extraction Dates

The olive fruit is transferred after mid-day in boxes to the olive mill and pressed on the same day to give the highest quality in terms of flavor, nutritional ingredients, aroma and health protective properties. Harvest Period: October 2018 / Press Period: October 2018 (Daily).


Stainless steel with nitrogen atmosphere


Olea Erus – Olive Growing Culture / Pteleos, Magnesia, Greece

Collaborating Olive Mill :

 Voliotis Family /Ano Lechonia,Volos,Magnesia


(HACCP) ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO-FSSC 22000:2010-ISO-9001:2015 

Standardization Licence Number: EL 40 462