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December 2018


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Thanks to its carbon footprint, olive oil production on a global scale can offset the greenhouse gas emissions of a city the size of Hong Kong. The results of the International Olive Council Study are previewed at Sol&Agrifood. The International Exhibition of Quality Agro-Foods is underway at Verona Fiere until tomorrow Verona, 17 April 2018 - Olive groves are the only agricultural crop found around the world that actually protect the environment, since they counteract the greenhouse effect by capturing more CO2 (carbon dioxide) than the production of [...]

Is The Greek Olive Growing Industry Really Sustainable & Solid?

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Is The Greek Olive Growing Industry Really  Sustainable & Solid? There have been many reports and articles over the last decade about the importance of olive oil and  its contribution to the strengthening  of the Greek economy, increasing the declined GDP, creating new jobs while at the same time contributing to an increase of the state’s tax revenues. The olive oil sectoral report presented by the National Bank of Greece (NBG) along with Mc Kinsey’s report titled “Greece-10 Years ahead” were the very early attempts, in [...]