Project Description

Olive Grove E1:East Side Position 

Olive Grove E2:East Side Position

 Olive Grove E3:East  Side Position

 Olive Grove S1: South Side Position

 Olive Grove S2: South Side Position 

 Olive Grove S3: South Side Position 

 Olive Grove E4:East  Side Position 

 Olive Grove E5:East  Side Position 

 Olive Grove S4: South  Side Position 

 Estate E6:East  Side Position 

 Estate E7:East  Side Position

Estate SE1: South Est Side Position

 Estate SE1: South Est  Side Position

More Estates photos coming soon….

High Micro climate Differentiation 

High Micro climate Differentiation & Biodiversity Affects Olive Goods giving a series of different organoleptic characteristics  in mountain and lowland olive groves distinguished in flavor and aromas